Keen to be Greener is a platform for all things environmental. As the effects of climate change are fast materialising, we must be aware of the devastating effects to come.  

That said, the purpose of this website is not to further scare us, or to add to our worries and guilt. In fact, more than anything else, it is to highlight and share the amazing things that people, companies and we, the average Joes, can and are doing.

A little bit about me, the creator of this website and blog, I am a final year Arts and Sciences student at University College London. I've always been interested in environmental issues and this website is the culmination of some years of thoughts. It is the point at which I decided to stop saying and start doing. I hope you enjoy it.  Unless otherwise stated, all articles are written and researched by me. 

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This section reminds us that technology and innovation do prevail in terms of the health of our environment. Everyday new ideas and new creations are made to combat our destructive actions and this page reports on such endeavors. 

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This page explores how we, the average Joes, can help. Whether it is supporting 'B corporations', which are for profit companies that have a positive impact socially and environmentally, or pressurising local governments, we can help make change. 

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